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With VOIP telephony and cloud-based collaboration services, you can focus on your core business without having to make unnecessary investments in infrastructure or sign expensive maintenance contracts.

A professional fixed and mobile telephony service replacing your traditional telephone exchange and telephone lines.

Your new cloud-based switchboard and VoIP technology will route your calls via an Internet connection, integrating your telephony into the world of digital office automation and providing you with many benefits.

The benefits of cloud telephonyReceive an offer

The advantage of a phone call via the cloud is that you can receive it on the device of your choice from a fixed or mobile number:

  • A landline telephone
  • The application for smartphones and tablets
  • Your computer
  • From an entrance intercom

Cloud telephony offers unparalleled flexibility to your business and synergy between your employees, allowing you to work and manage your departments wherever you are and whenever you want thanks to the management of your opening hours and the various CRM integrations.

Link with a CRM toolReceive an offer

A simple and intuitive telephone exchange that adapts to your needs:

1 We can link your existing numbers and/or create new ones.

2 Handle calls according to your opening hours thanks to the Calendar function.

3 Personalise your welcome, waiting and closing messages.

4 Make your customers interact with a voice menu (tap 1, tap 2, ...)

5 Dispatch it to the right department or to other employees.

Your customers will not be forgotten, messages left on your answering machine will land in your mailbox.

Discover all the features in detailReceive an offer

All you need is an Internet connection (computer network, wifi, 4G) to connect to your Cloud Phone Centre.

This means that you and your employees can be reached at the office, at home or on the road, and all your advanced features follow you.

In addition, you can install an app on your PC, tablet or smartphone that allows you to turn all your devices into a landline. So you can (if you want to) be reachable anywhere and on any device.

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Launch your calls directly from your software, visualise the identity of the caller and open his or her file in your software even before picking up the phone.

You can be reached whenever you want and wherever you want, with many features such as call transfer or an interactive reception menu, etc.

One number for all your contacts, whether you are in the office or on the move

Virtual meetings with clients and partners, to save time and money

Customised installation,
adapted to your own needs

Save up to 80% on your phone bill

€ 10 excl. tax/user*

€ 9 excl. tax/user*

€ 8 excl. tax/user*

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*Excluding communication costs, telephone numbers and options.